9 Steps To Financial Freedom
we start on the 9 Steps to Financial Freedom let me tell you a


financial freedom

Psst...Psst...Psst. Hey you over there. Come closer..I have a secret

I want to tell you. This is the biggest secret since the dawn of

money. Are you ready? O.K. Here it is: “Spend less than you earn,

save the rest, pass it on" and Financial Freedom will be yours!

These sage words of wisdom to live by seem to elude so many of us.

How else can you explain why we are all not rolling in the dough.

Unfortunately, life is not quite so simple. We need to constantly

remind ourselves of our values and our priorities so that we do not

slip up and make that unnecessary purchase. We are all creatures of

habit. The trick is to replace the bad habits with good habits. This

takes time, energy willpower, fortitude, courage, and anything else

you want to throw in for good measure that keeps you from squandering

your hard earned money. This is where the 9 Steps to Financial

Freedom comes into play.

Whenever I think about this I see a picture that we are all familiar

with. Surely you know what I am talking about. It is sort of

cartoonish. A person is faced with a difficult decision and then all

of a sudden a tiny angel and a tiny devil appear on opposite

shoulders. The devil is saying “ come on, go ahead, you know you want

it”. The angel then chimes in “ Don't do it...you will be sorry in

the morning”. Once we have changed our poor habits we can start

saving and investing for Financial Freedom instead of the nonsense

that the T.V. Commercials will lead you to believe that we all need.

Now that you are spending less and saving more, you need to learn

what you are going to be doing with all the piles of money that is

accumulating under your bed. A little education here will go a long

way to bring you the happiness and financial freedom that you seek.

If only I had the advice and education I am going to share with you

now, I could have saved myself a lot of headache and heartache. Those

readers who pay close attention to the following 9 Steps to Financial

Freedom and... AND... put them to good use will be in great shape

mentally and financially. A lot of what went into these steps came

from my own education while studying to be a financial adviser for

Smith Barney. I have tried to use current numbers and interest rates

where applicable. If you need to apply a particular step to your own

situation but are not sure of the numbers, don't hesitate to contact

me with all the particulars and I will send off your answer as soon

as possible. So, here we go...on to the 9 Steps To Financial Freedom.

    *Pay Yourself First
    *Home Ownership
    *Buying A Car
    *Investing 101
    *The Magic Of Compounding
    *Multiple Streams Of Income
    *Financial Education
    *Your Mind

Hopefully, I have your interest at this point so that you will tune

back in again as we individually analyze each of the 9 Steps To

Financial Freedom.

financial freedom

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